Thursday, February 11, 2010

3rd Kuala Lumpur Open 2010

The 3rd Kuala Lumpur Open Chess Championship will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from  6-12 April 2010.The Championship is organised by Kuala Lumpur Chess Association (KLCA) with sponsorship from Masterskill University of Health Sciences and the Malaysian Intellect Development Foundation. The tournament is supported by the Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) and managed by Effective Commerce Sdn. Bhd.

At the moment, the list of players who has register acoording to  is as below-

Starting rank list

1GMMchedlishvili MikheilGEO2634
2GMMegaranto SusantoINA2525
3GMIuldashev SaidaliUZB2519
4GMVakhidov TahirUZB2516
5GMMarat DzhumaevUZB2515
6IMFranco Alonso AlejandroESP2472
7IMWohl Aleksandar HAUS2458
8GMNguyen Anh DungVIE2445
9IMSwapnil S, DophadeIND2429
10IMIrwanto SaidikinINA2425
11GMMurshed NiazBAN2419
12GMWong Meng KongSIN2416
13IMMok Tze-MengMAS2414
14IMNguyen Van HuyVIE2409
15IMSaptarshi RoyIND2407
16IMPrathamesh Sunil MokalIND2403
18FMChan NicholasMAS2398
19GMZaw Win LayMYA2382
20IMFierro Baquero Martha L.ECU2354
21FMNovita AnjasINA2350
22WIMMuninova NafisaUZB2347
23WGMSukandar Irine KharismaINA2325
24FMSmith Robert WNZL2289
25FMReilly TimAUS2281
26IMDesmukh AnupIND2271
27IMGokhale ChandrasekharIND2271
28WIMCaoili ArianneAUS2235
29WIMWang XiaohuiCHN2208
30Zhou GuijueCHN2208
31WFMSteil-Antoni FionaLUX2198
32Navalgund NiranjanIND2168
33Kalugampitaya R.S.SRI2135
34Legaspi EdmundoPHI2126
35WIMMendoza BeverlyPHI2080
36Yeoh Phee Leong MarcusMAS1999
37WCMLopang TshepisoBOT1938
38Bersamina PaoloPHI1927
39WCMIin Dwijawanti KadekINA1900
40Sathiyanarayan R VINA1833
41WFMSmith Vivian JNZL1806
42Edodage KeshanSRI1786
43Shenvi PratikIND1778
44Vivek MIND1694
45Ann Legaspi KayePHI0

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For update click KLCA blog here

Source-  KLCA blog

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