Thursday, June 25, 2009

Malaysian Masters Chess Championship 2009 !

According to Vice President of Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) - Mr. Abdul Hamid Majid, Malaysian Masters Chess Championship 2009 is plan to be held in the first and second week of August 2009 .

Below is the details as what have be given to me by Mr.Hamid.

The championship will compose eight (8) players and the winner will be declared the Malaysian Champion 2009. The players who will be invited is as follow :-

  1. The top four (4) Malaysian players on the FIDE July 2009 rating list;

  2. The top players ( first & second) from the recently concluded National Closed;

  3. The top Junior player (Under 21) from the National Junior Championship 2008; and

  4. One (1) player selected by the Malaysian Chess Federation.

The tournament will be conducted in three (3) rounds as follows:-

  1. Quarter Finals : (8) players , 4 games with reverse colours over 2 days

  2. Semi-Finals : ( 4 players), 4 games with reverse colours over 2 days
  3. Finals : ( 2 players), 6 games with reverse colours over 4 days

In the event that the preliminary games do not produce a definite result, as per FIDE regulations , a play-off with a two (2) round rapid tie break followed by blitz followed by a sudden death game. Pairings will be based as per FIDE World Cup regulations

As per FIDE regulations, there will be new draw based on rating of players for round 2 as per the principles of round 1 (i.e seeding based on rating followed by 1x4,3x4 principle)

The Price Fund will be distribute as follow:-

Champion x1 RM 4000
Runner Up x1 RM 2000
Losing Semi Finalist x 2 RM 1000 each
Losing Quarter Finalist x 4 RM 500 each

contact info : Mr. Abdul Hamid Majid (MCF) :

note:- there's no confirm details about the playing venue yet but i'll update from time to time.

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