Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Universal Chinese Sports Sarawak Open Chess Championship 2010 (FIDE rated & National Rated)

Organisers: Lanang Chess Association and Sarawak Chess Association

Venue: Kingwood Hotel, Sibu ( UPDATE:- Premier Hotel, Jalan Kampung Nyabor, Sibu)

 * The tournament venue has been change from  Kingwood Hotel to Premier Hotel, Jalan Kampung Nyabor, Sibu. 

Premier Hotel has offered our participants the following rates:

RM110 nett per room per night in single or double deluxe room (without breakfast)
RM 115 nett per room per night in single deluxe room (with breakfast)
RM130 nett per room per night in double deluxe room (with breakfast)

Please contact Premier Hotel at 084-323222 and specify that you are participating in the Sarawak Open Chess Championship.

There are several budget hotels nearby such as:
Royal Inn (084-336644) - 2 single-bed room RM50 - RM55
2 double-bed room RM70 - RM90

Garden Hotel (084-317888) - 2 single-bed standard room RM86.25 - RM97.75
Deluxe Queen Bed room RM103.50

Dates: 17-19 December 2010

System: 8 round Swiss

Fixture (Date/ Time)

17 Dec 2010 (Friday)

08:00 Registration
08:30 Round 1
14:00 Round 2
19:30 Round 3

18 Dec 2010 (Saturday)

09:00 Round 4
14:00 Round 5
19:30 Round 6

19 Dec 2010 (Sunday)

09:00 Round 7
14:00 Round 8
19:00 Prize giving & Closing Dinner

Entrance Fees:

RM50.00 per head
RM25.00 per head for 16 & under and Ladies


Champion: RM2500 + Trophy
Runner Up: RM1500 + Trophy
2nd Runner Up: RM800 + Trophy
4th Placing: RM600
5th Placing: RM400
6th Placing: RM300
7th Placing: RM200
8th Placing: RM100
9th Placing: RM100
10th Placing: RM100

Ladies & 16 and Under (born on or after 1 Jan 1994)

Champion 100/=
Runner-up 60/=
2nd Runner-up 40/=
4th – 5th 30/=
6th – 8th 20/=

(Each player may claim only one prize)


In the event that total scores are equal, the following criteria will be based:

a) Solkoff (Sum of Opponents’score)
b) Sonneborn berger
c) Cummulative


Any player who does not turn up for more than two rounds without giving good reasons would be considered withdrawn from the tournament.


Recording is compulsory until last 5 minutes.

Time Control

The time control is 120 minutes play to finish.

Chess Rules

Based on FIDE chess rules and competition rules

Conduct of players

No smoking, no hand phone and no analysis of games are allowed in the tournament hall.

Immediately after each game, the winners or the drawers playing white have to return the score sheets and chess clocks to the arbiter while the opponents have to rearrange back the pieces.


Entries can be made with any of the followings before 4:00 p.m., 14 December 2010: Please bank in your entrance fee to Lim Kian Hwa MayBank Account No. 111039124500.

Joseph Ting
Tel: 016-8893185
Fax: 084 - 331451

Lim Kian Hwa
Tel: 016 8603180
Email: lkhwa@tm.net.my

Universal Chinese Sports Sarawak Open Chess Championship 2010
Entry Form

Name: ___________________________ Chinese Character (if applicable): ______________

IC No. /Passport No. ________________ Date of Birth: _____________ Sex: ___________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________


Tel or hand phone: ________________

FIDE ID: ______________ FIDE rating: _________ National Rating: _________

I wish to enroll for the Universal Chinese Sports Sarawak Open Chess Championship, 2010, and forward herewith RM ___________ for the payment of the entrance fee please.

Adult: RM50/=
18 & under and Ladies: RM25/=
* delete whichever inapplicable.
Date: ____________ ( )

The completed form should reach the following before 4:00pm, 14 December 2010

Joseph Ting

Tel: 016-8893185 Fax: 084 331451


Temporary Receipt

I acknowledge the receipt of RM _________ from

Mr./ Miss/Mdm._____________________________

for the payment of the entrance fee for Universal Chinese Sports Sarawak Open Chess Championship, 2010.

Date: ____________

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  1. Sir,

    Is this open to foreigners? We have a couple of kids below 16 who are interested to join.

    Meralco Chess Club

  2. I think it's open to foreigner but you can contact the organizer - Mr Lim Kian Hwa by email -lkhwa@tm.net.my to confirm it.



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